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Grand Teton National Park, WY - Smoke from FireLow Level over Jonah, Wyoming Oil and Gas fieldsOil and Gas Jonah field, WyomingPinedale, Wy - Gas fieldsProduced Water - Pinedale Anticline, WYPinedale, Wy - Gas fieldsPinedale, Wy - Gas fieldsPinedale, Wy - Gas fieldsWyoming - Jonah Oil and GasPinedale, Wy - Gas fields7_8_2011_Oil_Gas_Wyoming_Pinedale_EcoFlight_PNA_Audobon08Oil_Gas_Wyoming_Pinedale_Jonah_UpperGreenRiverValleyCoalition_NRDC012Oil_Gas_Whitebark_Wyoming_Pinedale_Jonah_UpperGreenRiverValleyCoalition_NRDC017Wyoming - Jonah - Oil and Gas "Man Camp"Jonah, WY - Oil and Gas Pads adjacent to Green Riverhoback leases tour_2711 (35)hoback lease tour_2769 (18)noble basin_2741